Paul D Manke Photography | Wedding Day Operations

A little more description on how the process works.  Face to face is a great way to get to know each other and see how I enjoy doing weddings, plan for your day, and how I will make your day an at ease and effcient with the entire process!  Phone is the second best to at least get some of the pressing questions answered and we can go from there.  

The min hours are to help get the best value for the duration of your day.  What this means is that if your wedding is early in the day and you have me stay to the first dances, you fall under the min hours and I do not charge more for the 8 hours of work.  IF your ceremony is later in the day, the packages are adjusted to help continue to give you the value.  For example, if your ceremony is at 4pm and you have me start at 3pm and stay thru first dances that would be a total of 5.5 hours.  You can elect to have me stay thru 9pm at the same rate because the min hours would not be at 7 yet.

I like to make sure the packages fit your day. My packages are for my time on your wedding day. All the extras added are just the features that you get for having me!  The minimum hours is to make sure if you have a later ceremony time that your times are reflected in the package too, even if you are looking for a longer stay into the dances.  IF your wedding is at 4pm and would like me to stay till 9pm Garter/Boq toss, that would still fit with in the min hours at the first package.  We can discuss it a little more! To book your day, I would suggest booking as soon as you know I am your photographer because the dates fill up fast.  I have a face sheet for you to fill out and would as $200 to book your day.  That will go towards your ending balance.  Six months from your wedding date, I would ask for a total of 1/2 down including the deposit.  Final payment is asked to be paid 2 weeks before your wedding day! In turn, your jump drives will arrive a week after your wedding.  Delay on the payment results in the delay of the delivery of the jump drive.

Engagements and or save the dates are included simply because I do not want to charge you extra for the session(s).  This is a great way to get to know each other more and provides more comfort with a photographer taking your photos on the wedding day! IF you elect not to have them, please accept a free family or anniversary session after your wedding instead! 

I like to have your ideas, plus I will add my creative visions to your day.  Go ahead and share your pintrest photos...we can make them our own too! Also helps me capture the style you are looking for.  As the wedding gets closer,  I will take any information as you like to share,  I will contact you on a wedding check list to make sure your get all the must haves plus I will get the ones you may not even be thinking of! I like to know your parents names, the bridal party and make it more a personal feel to the day rather than just putting people together for photos! 

After the wedding, you will get your photos edited on jump drive to enjoy and share! Your parents get a copy to so they can just relax throughout the day knowing that they do not have to take photos, but they certainly can!!! Plus I will upload them to this site for you to share with everyone! They can view and download the photos they want for FREE. Full res photos that they can print and share! Your professional coffee take style book will be shipped to you directly in a few weeks afterwards and that is my thank you for choosing me as your photographer!