Paul D Manke Photography | Preparing for your engagement session

Preparing for your engagement session is important to represent what type of look you are looking for! Here is some tips on preparing for your session that is complimentary!

I love taking weddings photos as well as engagement sessions! This is the best way to get to know you and in turn gives you a chance to get to know me! Your style is important to me.  knowing what you are really looking for thru this session helps me know you more for your wedding! These sessions also provides a more comfortable wedding day experience with you knowing me better and capturing the fun & love you both have for each other!

Over the years,  the most asked questions are where should we have our photos taken and what to wear! This can be a little difficult to figure out since this may be your first time doing engagement sessions. Here is some tips to help decide what locations would be best for you and outfits to pick out as you may share these through prints, save the date cards or through social media!


Consider coordinate your outfits! They do not have to be matching outfits but find outfits the compliment each other! If you deciding on formal wear, make sure that both are formal.  Make sure you are comfortable in your outfits.  If he usually does not wear a tie, make sure you select an outfit that is dressy but does not need a tie! Make sure that colors are coordinated! Wearing certain colors like green and blue may not go together but rather a red and blue.
Choosing patterns are a good thing verses just all black and or all white.  Everyone has colors that compliment your look and choosing those will help complete the look that shows classy, elegant and comfortable! It shows off YOU!

Consider a fancy outfit change along with a casual! IF you have sports teams in mind, add that to your outfit changes! I recommend at least 2 outfit looks! Three at the most!

Most of all, make the most of this session! Having 2 different looks can give you a casual look plus an elegant look!

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Location, location, location! What look are you wanting for background? Rustic, natural, urban or city scape, modern, water, or sporty?  Many locations have been photographed over and over again.  This is ok! I am always looking for new locations for new looks in those locations such as Lambeau Field, Pamprin Park, Green Isle or Fonfeck Glen.  Adding in different spots in the location is my job to make sure your photos do not look entirely like someone else's!

Choose a location that you love! A place that you might have seen driving by! There might be an alley that you passed by that would be fun to try.  Or a hidden gem that is out of the way or close to home! Feel free to expand your search to locations like Door County, Marathon County, or even places like Milwaukee or Devils Lake! I have many locations that I can help direct you on finding the look you are looking for!

Photo Style

Pinterest has been a great source to find the look you are looking for! Many photos have been done over and over again! What I like to do is take the look you are looking for and make it your own! Showing of your ring can be important and trying some new styles and angles is what can do for you! Share your style with each other so that when we begin our session you are both on the same page. Many times the photos are shared from the bride but the groom does not know what roll he will play in those photos! Act like you like each other! I hoped you laughed a little there, but its true, showing your love for each other may be uncomfortable in front of the camera.  I will help you feel comfortable in engaging in conversation with you and help capturing the look you want!

Showing more a casual look maybe very important to you! Finding locations that have an opperutunity to get some sitting looks, walking looks and or a setting like a bar or even in your own kitchen might be a location that you were not thinking of! Consider adding in something you like to do with each other! Riding a bike, kayaking, snow ball fight or having a session at Bay Beach can share what you both love to do together!

Lastly, I will share with you a mini survey to see what your interests are! What you are wanting for background settings! Getting to know you better will help capture your true selves and add a personal flavor into your photos!

I hope this helped! Thanks for taking the time to read through!