Paul D Manke Photography | Inneractive Wedding Workshop for Begining Wedding photographers

You do not want to miss this interactive event!

July 8th 4pm-8pm Sepia Wedding Chapel

Are you thinking about getting into wedding photography? Maybe you have a wedding later this year that is your first wedding? Or have been doing this for a short while and just cant seem to get the right shots?

You do not want to miss this! Here is your opportunity to shadow a wedding with the hands on learning that you usually will not get on a wedding day! I have been photographing for 19 years and I would like to help you be more comfortable, confident, and ready to do your first wedding or prepare you better for your next wedding!  I will help you as we will walk thru the entire day from hair & make up, getting ready photo, thru the ceremony, bridal poses and finishing with the dance!  You will get to work live in a mock wedding situation! You will get to work on lighting, location and angles, plus working on getting 10 quick easy poses when time is tight! We will allow time for you to get to learn the do's and don'ts, work on timing, the timeline, and getting the perfect lighting! This workshop will not only go thru the entire day but also will give you tools to help build you're Wedding business and tips on helping you be prepared for your first or next upcoming wedding!

This will be a 4 hour workshop at Sepia Chapel! The introductory offer for this workshop will be $50 ($400 Value).  First 5 participants that sign up will get an early bird special at $35! Space will be limited so sign up early!!!!

Workshop Timeline:

Brief Lecture

Detail Photos

Hair & Make up pointers

Getting Ready Bride

Getting Ready Groom

Ceremony prep

Ceremony itself

Lighting for Formals

Bride & Groom Bridal poses

Dance Photos/Lighting for Dances


What we will cover:

Working on 'Clean' photo looks

Working on Lighting properly with Flash, Strobe, and Natural Lighting

Getting the right shot the first time

Angles, positioning, and timeline

What Lenses to use and when

Live Wedding Photo Session

Poses and what to look for to make outstanding looks

Helping you to feel comfortable photographing a wedding yourself and working with Second Photographer

And much more....

Please send your non refundable check to:

Paul D Manke Photography

110 S Broadway, Green Bay, WI 54303

Email me or call me if you have questions!


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