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Living life to the fullest is the key to getting the most out of our time on this earth! Through the years, being apart of some many occasions and being able to capture the most important moments have been a true blessing.  Photography is a passion that continually challenges to find new looks and be ever so creative on each time I lift up my camera.  Not only do I push myself each day, but having some much fun is what gets me excited for the next challenge!

When the camera is not being use, I find myself getting lost on the golf course. No, not looking for my ball but just getting emersed in the natural surroundings and the quit breeze that makes a relaxing time even more enjoyable.  I love to travel and seeing what this world has to offer.  My favorite city is San Fransisco with New York a close second.  Two different cities but something about the hustle of the big city.  Yet, the mountains is where I am from and can't wait to get back out there on my next adventure.  And of course get a beach getaway is a must in the off season! 

Aside from that, having a code craft beer is something you can find me enjoying. I love checking out Breweries when I visit places like Charlotte and can always revisit places like the Mecklenburg Brewery!

In this day and age, getting a face to face consult over a coffee or Rite Place burger, is still the best way on getting to know you and showing off what I love most.  I look forward in serving you....and if I am not able to have the chance to do so, its still nice to have shared some time with you! Thank you for visiting my website and look forward in connecting with you!!!

Paul D Manke Photography

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