Paul D Manke Photography | 2019-2020 Wedding Pricing

Wedding Pricing for 2019-2020

Thank you for choosing Paul D Manke Wedding Photography

My passion is wedding photography.  I am a Full Time Wedding photographer who is constantly pushing my creativity each and every Wedding.  I have done many places in Green Bay and Appleton Area.  Because those areas have been done over and over again, I am always looking for new spots at those locations and new looks! Keeping it fresh is important.  Creating your style that you are looking for is important to me! And your wedding day is important to me with a timeline that gives you buffer time so you do not feel rushes, a photography style that is efficient and smooth thru the process, and getting the photos you really want along with a story telling style.

I am looking for Bridal couples that value the work that goes into wedding photography.  I have dedicated my entire year to wedding photography.  With that I am constantly educating with the premier photographers in the states! I am updating my style, equipment, and looking for new ways to provide for you the best that is out there. I am looking for couples that appreciate my style, dedication to make your day seem seamless, stress free, and having fun at the same time.

I have created two different packages for my couples.  The best way to find out what matches your style and your day is to have a conversation in person or over the phone.  Simply asking for a price is not as simple as you might believe.  Every Wedding is different in terms of timeline and expectations. Let us connect today and provide the best service you are looking for!

Basic Wedding Packages:

These packages are designed for you to build on your own.  You can add what you like, hours you need, and get the basic coverage you need for your wedding. 


Premier Wedding Packages:

These packages are designed to provide the ultimate Wedding Photography Experience   Each package is design to give you the best investment for your day and is for those who are looking to get signature looks from your day!