Photography Classes

Learn how to use your DLSR better!!!!!


Do you want to learn hands on, in an environment that you learn at your pace with others, and in only 3 sessions? There are photo classes online, one day photo classes and plenty of outlets to learn. These sessions are on their seventh season of helping beginners take themselves out of AUTO and use the most out of their investment, point and shoot to photographer, and even making a few professionals start their career!!! This is a great way to refresh or learn the buttons and functions of your camera, be a better buyer of lenses and equipment, and maximize better photos over all! Not only will you learn your camera but how to use your ISO, Shutter speeds, and aperture better! Take better compositions and learn how to take better photos in low light!!!

Sign up to day by sending your payment to the studio to reserve your seat! Seats fill up fast and will cap out at 10 students! 


3 Classes consist of the following:

Going over your camera's function and buttons.  Learning how to use hot keys versus fumbling through the menu. And learn how to still photograph in an automatic setting using P on your camera. We will also learn ISO on how it borrows light. Plus on how to be a better buyer. Your assignment is practicing ISO with an at home exercise!

Reviewing ISO, learning how Shutter Speed, and Aperture helps compose a better photo! You will have in class practice and an assignment for class 3 demonstrating Shutter Speed. Plus talking about Tripods and lenses!

Reviewing Shutter Speed and continuing on in class practice with Hi/Low Key.  This will help you gain more knowledge on how shutter controls light! Plus will will be learning more on taking better photos!

 We will be talking about flash photography, editing programs, and anything else the class wants to learn!

Your three week experience is $100. Please send your check or drop cash off at the studio in our safe and secure mail box. 0r paypal @ Receipts will be given to you at class time! Classes are 6pm-8pm

Email me to get a registration form!


Session Schedule 6pm-8pm

Jan 2018

Mondays Jan 8, 15, 22


Thur Jan 11, 18, 25

Feb 2018

Mondays Feb 12, 19, 26th


Thur Feb 15, 22, Mar 1st


Paul D Manke Photography

110 S Broadway

Green Bay WI 54303