Love September Weddings

September 12, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Its that time of the year when the lighting is perfect and the fall colors start to turn.  Its the busiest time of the year but as much as I love the summer, long summer nights, and summer light over all; love this time of the year too!!!! Robyn & Derek was so much fun to work with!!!! Wedding party had great energy and we had fun creating some fun and elegent photos! Thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer!!!! Congrats to you both and enjoy!!!!

DSC_4569DSC_4569Had to add for fun!!!! PMP_2559PMP_2559All Saints, Denmark WI PMP_2570PMP_2570All Saints, Denmark WI PMP_2675PMP_2675All Saints, Denmark WI PMP_2683PMP_2683All Saints, Denmark WI DSC_4654DSC_4654All Saints, Denmark WI NON LOOK DSC_4664DSC_4664All Saints, Denmark WI NON LOOK DSC_4677DSC_4677All Saints, Denmark WI NON LOOK PMP_2816PMP_2816All Saints, Denmark WI PMP_2836PMP_2836All Saints, Denmark WI PMP_2839PMP_2839All Saints, Denmark WI DSC_4731DSC_4731All Saints, Denmark WI DSC_4754DSC_4754All Saints, Denmark WI DSC_4835DSC_4835All Saints, Denmark WI DSC_4901DSC_4901All Saints, Denmark WI The look of being married!!!!! DSC_4907DSC_4907All Saints, Denmark WI The look of being married!!!!! DSC_4914DSC_4914All Saints, Denmark WI The look of being married!!!!! DSC_4991DSC_4991Devil's River DSC_5055DSC_5055Devil's River DSC_5087DSC_5087Devil's River DSC_5119DSC_5119Devil's River PMP_2986PMP_2986Devil's River PMP_3008PMP_3008Devil's River PMP_3016PMP_3016Devil's River PMP_3034PMP_3034Devil's River PMP_3057PMP_3057Devil's River PMP_3372PMP_3372Devil's River PMP_3299PMP_3299Devil's River PMP_3294PMP_3294Devil's River PMP_3200PMP_3200Devil's River DSC_5177DSC_5177Devil's River DSC_5160DSC_5160Devil's River PMP_3544PMP_3544Parting Shot PMP_3595PMP_3595Forever together!!!!! (LOVE HIS BASEBALL RING)


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