Mr & Mrs Mason Wedding

August 02, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Its one of those weddings that you have all day to capture the feel of the excitement, joy, and love that these two share! Not only have I gotten to know Travis's parents really well, but to share in their story is just an accomplishment and pleasure to share these photos!  And to hear about their story during they met and have grown as a couple made it even more special! Getting ready started at the houses with the ceremony held at Old St Joe's at SNC, then throughout campus, a location before Zesty's, Lambeau and then to the Rock Garden! What was remarkable at the reception that everyone was dancing which made for a great ending to this day of celebrating the marriage of Courtney & Travis Mason! Thank you so much for having me part of your story! As your wedding photographer!!!! And even part of your family! Congrats and enjoy!

DSC_5139DSC_5139Traditional Toast PMP_4065PMP_4065 PMP_4223PMP_4223 DSC_5179DSC_5179 PMP_4193PMP_4193 PMP_4205PMP_4205 PMP_4262PMP_4262 DSC_5521DSC_5521 DSC_6384DSC_6384Dad's First look DSC_6384DSC_6384Dad's First look DSC_6384DSC_6384Dad's First look DSC_6384DSC_6384Dad's First look DSC_6384DSC_6384Dad's First look DSC_6384DSC_6384Dad's First look PMP_4344PMP_4344SNC St Joe's PMP_4433PMP_4433SNC St Joe's PMP_4427PMP_4427SNC St Joe's DSC_5218DSC_5218SNC St Joe's DSC_5330DSC_5330SNC St Joe's DSC_5255DSC_5255SNC St Joe's DSC_5233DSC_5233SNC St Joe's DSC_5385DSC_5385SNC St Joe's DSC_6457DSC_6457SNC St Joe's PMP_4455PMP_4455SNC St Joe's PMP_4527PMP_4527SNC St Joe's DSC_5438DSC_5438SNC St Joe's DSC_5538DSC_5538SNC St Joe's DSC_5564DSC_5564SNC St Joe's DSC_5617DSC_5617SNC St Joe's DSC_6511DSC_6511SNC St Joe's DSC_6554DSC_6554SNC St Joe's PMP_4594PMP_4594SNC St Joe's PMP_4601PMP_4601SNC St Joe's PMP_4672PMP_4672SNC St Joe's PMP_4879PMP_4879 PMP_4729PMP_4729 PMP_4759PMP_4759 DSC_5620DSC_5620 DSC_5690DSC_5690Lambeau Field DSC_5750DSC_5750Lambeau Field DSC_5761DSC_5761Lambeau Field DSC_5763DSC_5763Lambeau Field DSC_5768DSC_5768Lambeau Field DSC_5771DSC_5771Lambeau Field DSC_5775DSC_5775Lambeau Field DSC_5779DSC_5779Lambeau Field PDP_5429PDP_5429 PDP_5437PDP_5437 PMP_4976PMP_4976 PMP_5022PMP_5022 PMP_5056PMP_5056 PMP_5096PMP_5096 PMP_5152PMP_5152 PMP_5228PMP_5228 PMP_5210PMP_5210


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