Backstage at the Meyer and Badger State Brewery

July 26, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

This has been the year getting the experiance at new places for me! I am excited to get a wedding under my belt at the Meyer's Backstage!!!! Plus had the privelage to get into the Badger State Brewery for some fun photos!!! Not to mention I LOVE their beer....specially On WI.  The reception was held at Brett Farve's Steakhouse with Elite (Scott) hosting the sound!!!! There is many vendors that I work with and love the constent professionalism that is received from Scott! 

The day was a humid one but servived the city deck from some nice photos and then to Badger State for some fun photos! Thank you to Anna & Ross for having me be their wedding photographer!!! Congrats!!!!

DSC_2453DSC_2453Backstage at the Meyer DSC_2486DSC_2486Backstage at the Meyer PMP_0706PMP_0706Backstage at the Meyer PMP_0880PMP_0880Backstage at the Meyer Dad's first look PMP_0918PMP_0918Backstage at the Meyer PMP_0971PMP_0971Backstage at the Meyer PMP_0991PMP_0991Backstage at the Meyer DSC_5750DSC_5750Backstage at the Meyer DSC_5779DSC_5779Backstage at the Meyer PMP_1101PMP_1101Backstage at the Meyer PMP_1117PMP_1117Backstage at the Meyer PMP_1212PMP_1212Backstage at the Meyer DSC_2612DSC_2612Backstage at the Meyer DSC_2627DSC_2627Green Bay's City Deck DSC_2689DSC_2689Green Bay's City Deck DSC_2719DSC_2719Green Bay's City Deck DSC_2660DSC_2660Green Bay City Deck DSC_2743DSC_2743Green Bay's City Deck PMP_1297PMP_1297Green Bay's City Deck DSC_2899DSC_2899Badger State Brewery DSC_2790DSC_2790Badger State Brewery PMP_1390PMP_1390Badger State Brewery PDP_5170PDP_5170Badger State Brewery PDP_5234PDP_5234Badger State Brewery PMP_1652PMP_1652Brett Farve Steakhouse PMP_1705PMP_1705Brett Farve Steakhouse PMP_1729PMP_1729Brett Farve Steakhouse PMP_1772PMP_1772Brett Farve Steakhouse PMP_1793PMP_1793Parting shot at Badger State Brewery


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