The Wedding of Ashley & Mark

May 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

The season is now in full swing which is very exciting to create stories each and every weekend till March of next year! This will be one of many weddings this season hosted by The Sepia Chapel! What makes being at The Sepia Chapel so unique is that Gena & Barry keep making new additions to the Chapel! For the first time in my experience , after the ceremony the guest had the place to themselves with a wine reception.  They are great to work with and the lighting is wonderful! I love to challenge myself each time to get some new looks! I look forward to the next time I will be back at this chapel very soon! 

Congrats to Ashley & Mark on their wedding day!!!! It was such a great time working with them both and their wedding party! Thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer!!!!!

PMP_0339PMP_0339Beautiful Begining to the Day PMP_0356PMP_0356Beautiful Begining to the Day PMP_0295PMP_0295Handsome Start to the day PMP_0455PMP_0455Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_0528PMP_0528Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_0553PMP_0553Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_0568PMP_0568Sepia Wedding Chapel Last look before the Isle 6K7A35656K7A3565Sepia Wedding Chapel Last look before the Isle Photo by Assistant Alicia PMP_0602PMP_0602Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_0614PMP_0614Sepia Wedding Chapel OQ3A5182OQ3A5182Sepia Wedding Chapel Photo by assistant Carson Rose OQ3A5184OQ3A5184Sepia Wedding Chapel Photo by assistant Carson Rose DSC_6006DSC_6006Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_0693PMP_0693Sepia Wedding Chapel PDP_4275PDP_4275Sepia Wedding Chapel PDP_4271PDP_4271Sepia Wedding Chapel PDP_4314PDP_4314Sepia Wedding Chapel PDP_4317PDP_4317Sepia Wedding Chapel PDP_4327PDP_4327 PMP_0716PMP_0716Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_0764PMP_0764Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_1368PMP_1368Their first date place! DSC_6112DSC_6112 DSC_6144DSC_6144 DSC_6145DSC_6145 DSC_6146DSC_6146   DSC_6148DSC_6148 DSC_6150DSC_6150 DSC_6151DSC_6151 PMP_1118PMP_1118 PMP_1080PMP_1080 PMP_1063PMP_1063 DSC_6170DSC_6170 PMP_0918PMP_0918 PMP_1141PMP_1141 PMP_1256PMP_1256 PMP_1284PMP_1284 PMP_1170PMP_1170 PMP_1608PMP_1608Humbolt Haus PMP_1628PMP_1628Humbolt Haus PMP_1691PMP_1691Humbolt Haus PMP_1589PMP_1589Parting Shot


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