A Wedding of Pure Happiness & Blessed Love

May 14, 2017  •  1 Comment

A beautiful day with a beautiful love shared by Lisa & Rory! The Sepia Chapel hosted their wedding vows and one of many weddings I will be attending at Sepia.  Each time I try to add something diffferent.  The love these two shared was displayed throughout the day! Our session at the park created some dramic looks.  And our story continued at The Ravine where the meal and dance were hosted! Congratulations to Lisa & Rory on their wedding day! Thank you so much for having me as your photographer and be apart of your wonderful day!

DSC_7592DSC_7592The Dress at Sepia Chapel PMP_6643PMP_6643 PMP_6874PMP_6874 PMP_6859PMP_6859 DSC_7655DSC_7655 DSC_7674DSC_7674Sepia Chapel DSC_7675DSC_7675Sepia Chapel PMP_6942PMP_6942Sepia Chapel PMP_7067PMP_7067Sepia Chapel PMP_7102PMP_7102Sepia Chapel PMP_7133PMP_7133Sepia Chapel PMP_7163PMP_7163Sepia Chapel PDP_4836PDP_4836Sepia Chapel PDP_4852PDP_4852Sepia Chapel DSC_2600DSC_2600Sepia Chapel PDP_4858PDP_4858Sepia Chapel PDP_4881PDP_4881Sepia Chapel PMP_7152PMP_7152Sepia Chapel PMP_7192PMP_7192Sepia Chapel DSC_7677DSC_7677Sepia Chapel PMP_6792PMP_6792Sepia Chapel DSC_7640DSC_7640Sepia Chapel DSC_2802DSC_2802The Rings and Wedding Rope DSC_2779DSC_2779The Rings and Wedding Rope DSC_7768DSC_7768The Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_7306PMP_7306The Sepia Wedding Chapel PMP_7310PMP_7310The Sepia Wedding Chapel DSC_7915DSC_7915 DSC_7921DSC_7921 DSC_7826DSC_7826 DSC_7820DSC_7820 PMP_7371PMP_7371 PMP_7407PMP_7407 PMP_7334PMP_7334 PMP_7443PMP_7443 PMP_7479PMP_7479 PMP_7672PMP_7672 PMP_7552PMP_7552The Ravine PMP_7677PMP_7677The Ravine PMP_7761PMP_7761The Ravine PMP_7763PMP_7763The Ravine PMP_7708PMP_7708Parting shot at The Ravine


Lisa Bieber(non-registered)
Best day ever! Thank you paul;)
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