Olde 41 Ceremony & Botanical Gardens Bridal

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Love working this couple, capturing some great moments throughout the day starting at Tranquility Spa and then heading to Olde 41 for some girls/guys photos before hand! Then the ceremony went well with the rain holding off! beautiful outside wedding! We then headed to Green Bay Botanical Gardens for formal photos and bridal photos! With the cloudy overcast made for some great looks! Reception back at Olde 41 with the awesome string lighting to make the dances elegant! Congrats to Cheryl & Shawn!!! Thank you so much for having me as your wedding photographer!!!!

PMP_2329PMP_2329Tranquility Spa PMP_2332PMP_2332Tranquility Spa PMP_2335PMP_2335Tranquility Spa PMP_2369PMP_2369Tranquility Spa PMP_2374PMP_2374Tranquility Spa PMP_2378PMP_2378Tranquility Spa DSC_0902DSC_0902Tranquility Spa DSC_0922DSC_0922Tranquility Spa DSC_0929DSC_0929Tranquility Spa DSC_0934DSC_0934Tranquility Spa DSC_1061DSC_1061Olde 41 DSC_1071DSC_1071Olde 41 DSC_1160DSC_1160Olde 41 DSC_1258DSC_1258Olde 41 DSC_1163DSC_1163Olde 41 PMP_2470PMP_2470Olde 41 DSC_1280DSC_1280Olde 41 DSC_1288DSC_1288Olde 41 DSC_1351DSC_1351Olde 41 PMP_2508PMP_2508Olde 41 DSC_1358DSC_1358Olde 41 DSC_1377DSC_1377Olde 41 DSC_1438DSC_1438Olde 41 DSC_1481DSC_1481Olde 41 DSC_1484DSC_1484Olde 41 DSC_1509DSC_1509Olde 41 DSC_1517DSC_1517Olde 41 OQ3A0481OQ3A0481Olde 41 DSC_1597DSC_1597Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1647DSC_1647Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1653DSC_1653Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1659DSC_1659Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1671DSC_1671Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1675DSC_1675Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1681DSC_1681Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1695DSC_1695Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1697DSC_1697Green Bay Botanical Gardens OQ3A0567OQ3A0567Green Bay Botanical Gardens OQ3A0680OQ3A0680Green Bay Botanical Gardens PMP_2710PMP_2710Green Bay Botanical Gardens PMP_2697PMP_2697Green Bay Botanical Gardens PMP_2725PMP_2725Green Bay Botanical Gardens PMP_2751PMP_2751Green Bay Botanical Gardens DSC_1756DSC_1756Olde 41 DSC_1779DSC_1779Olde 41 PMP_2983PMP_2983Olde 41 PMP_2997PMP_2997Olde 41 PMP_2971PMP_2971Olde 41 PMP_3014PMP_3014Olde 41 PMP_2923PMP_2923Olde 41 PMP_2906PMP_2906Olde 41


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