Wedding Under the Oak Tree

July 25, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

The engagement session started at this Oak Tree and the cermony sealed the 'I do', Saturday afternoon! It is such a pleasure getting to know a couple for a year of their lives, see the connection they have, and being a part of the day! Love it! We had so much fun throughout the day getting some fun shots at the rooftop on Titletown Brewery! The reception was hosted by the Green Bay Distillery!  Mitch was awesome throughout the day and was such a pleasure working with him as he turned the music for Kendyl & Adam! Thank you so much for having me part of your day and congratulations to you both!!!! Special Thanks to Kristin (My Second Photog for this wedding) on getting some great shots!

DSC_4145DSC_4145One last look before the dress goes on! DSC_4167DSC_4167The Dress DSC_4183DSC_4183The Shoes DSC_8858DSC_8858 DSC_4233DSC_4233MOH zipping up the back! DSC_8874DSC_8874 DSC_4449DSC_4449Bride and Dad's first look DSC_4471DSC_4471Dad's First look DSC_4459DSC_4459Dad's First look DSC_4493DSC_4493Second time this year the father received a gift from the bride. Love it! He is a collector of knives....if you havent guessed! DSC_8998DSC_8998Proud Father DSC_4579DSC_4579Mom pinning flower on her son DSC_4577DSC_4577Mom pinning flower on her son DSC_4560DSC_4560Mom pinning flower on her son DSC_2808DSC_2808Oak Tree Ceremony DSC_4762DSC_4762Picture speaks for itself DSC_4784DSC_4784Adam waiting for his bride DSC_4799DSC_4799 DSC_4805DSC_4805 DSC_9175DSC_9175 DSC_4797DSC_4797(sorry Adam) But she made you do it! Happiness! DSC_2510DSC_2510 DSC_2514DSC_2514 DSC_2591DSC_2591 PDP_1642PDP_1642 PDP_1635PDP_1635 DSC_2878DSC_2878 DSC_4881DSC_4881Planting a anniversary tree for their cabin up north. DSC_2887DSC_2887 PDP_1664PDP_1664 DSC_4906DSC_4906 DSC_4998DSC_4998 DSC_5023DSC_5023 DSC_2947DSC_2947 DSC_4260DSC_4260 DSC_4591DSC_4591 DSC_2965DSC_2965 DSC_5188DSC_5188Homemade Flowers....beautiful DSC_5264DSC_5264Titletown Brewery DSC_5300DSC_5300Titletown Brewery DSC_5356DSC_5356Titletown Brewery DSC_5278DSC_5278Titletown Brewery DSC_5447DSC_5447Titletown Brewery DSC_5474DSC_5474Titletown Brewery DSC_5489DSC_5489Titletown Brewery DSC_3224DSC_3224Titletown Brewery DSC_5552DSC_5552Titletown Brewery DSC_5706DSC_5706Green Bay City Deck DSC_3296DSC_3296Green Bay Distillery DSC_5919DSC_5919Green Bay Distillery DSC_5921DSC_5921Green Bay Distillery DSC_5945DSC_5945Green Bay Distillery DSC_5950DSC_5950Green Bay Distillery


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