Wedding from the Far East Side to the Far West side and lots in between

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I am completely honored to have done Ahnna and Tim's wedding. Not only has Ahnna been a great friend for many years but was one of my first second photographer's! Getting to know her family so well over the years and in the past few with her husband was a day that I wanted to make even more special in capturing the photos that show how fun and in love these two are! It was a beautifully set day with the weather and having to start at the salon to capture the making for a beautiful bride and bridesmaids and ending at the Marq on Lineville.  We made some stops along the way at Lambeau and Reforstation Camp.  The lighting was perfect and the bridal party made this so easy to photograph! Truely captured the emotion and love this wedding had the entire day....couldnt have done it without my assistants! Congratulations Tim and Ahnna!!!!  Thank you so much for having me be your wedding photographer!!!

D70_7285Cheers!!!! D70_7377D70_7377 D70_7394D70_7394 DSC_0267DSC_0267 D70_7424Icon Salon D70_7545D70_7545 D70_7488First look before Dad & Brother see Ahnna D70_7496D70_7496 D70_7502D70_7502 IMG_0037Dad's first look.... D70_7448D70_7448 DSC_0331DSC_0331 D70_7595Mom's tears of happiness and the day is here! D70_7634D70_7634 D70_7643How are you feeling, Ansel..... IMG_0117Last Kiss before heading down the isle...Thanks to Jackie Kinjerski D70_7672D70_7672 D70_7661D70_7661 IMG_0121IMG_0121 DSC_0364DSC_0364 IMG_0124IMG_0124 D70_7689D70_7689 D70_7735D70_7735 D70_7745D70_7745 D70_7765D70_7765 IMG_0131IMG_0131 OQ3A8018OQ3A8018 DSC_7171DSC_7171 DSC_0387DSC_0387 OQ3A8056OQ3A8056 DSC_0417First Kiss at Sepia Wedding Chapel D70_7818D70_7818 DSC_0442Nailed it!!!! Mr & Mrs Dexter! DSC_0545Sepia Wedding Chapel DSC_0528Sepia Wedding Chapel D70_7955Simply Stunning! D70_7991D70_7991 D70_8025Lambeau DSC_0626DSC_0626 D70_8050D70_8050 D70_8099D70_8099 D70_8104D70_8104 D70_8123D70_8123 D70_8174D70_8174 D70_8143D70_8143 D70_8230Reforstation Camp D70_8260Reforstation Camp D70_8284Pedal Pusher's Flowers D70_8302D70_8302 D70_8323D70_8323 D70_8352D70_8352 D70_8418D70_8418 D70_8433D70_8433 D70_8442D70_8442 D70_8444Brother's Toast D70_8464The Marq on Lineville DSC_0709DSC_0709 DSC_0715Monzu Bakery OQ3A8149Monzu Bakery DSC_0762DSC_0762 DSC_0765The Shopko Crew D70_8489D70_8489 D70_8495First Dance at the Marq on Lineville DSC_0779Dream'n DJ monogram DSC_0821Father/Daughter Dance D70_8530D70_8530 DSC_0835DSC_0835 DSC_0848Monzu Bakery's finest! D70_8598Dream'n Dj Shoe Game DSC_1014Shot with the brother!!! Thank you! DSC_0945Ending of a perfect Day


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